Breaking the Human Powered Speed Record

Aerovelo has been working over the last 6 years to build Eta, the the world’s fastest human-powered vehicle. Their goal: to surpass the current level-ground speed record of 133.8 km/h (83.1 mph).

On September 17th, they did just that. At the World Human Powered Speed Challenge in Battle Mountain, Nevada, the Eta speed bike broke the record for fastest human powered vehicle on earth with a whopping speed of 137.93 km/hr (85.71 mph).

The very next day, it topped that with even faster, travelling a speed of 139.21 km/hr (86.50 mph) on September 18th 2015. And then, yet again, on September 19th the Eta speed bike set another high – going a speed of 139.45 km/h (86.65 mph)!

Aerovelo celebrates three new records in three days.