It is the policy of Jroberts Manufacturing Inc. to do whatever is necessary to realize our vision of TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION.

We’re not happy unless our customers are happy. That’s why we ensure the highest quality in every phase of our business from planning all the way through to delivery. Providing quality, cost effective products and services that require traceability and accountability is achieved through our ISO 9001 quality system.

We have selected the expression TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION in order to communicate this policy. Our quality management system Policy Deployment metrics ensure the goal and visions of TOTAL CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is consistently achieved.

Continued registration of our ISO: 9001 Quality Assurance System since 2003 reflects our commitment to both quality and service. Jroberts Manufacturing is constantly seeking new and better products and services to better meet our customers’ requirements.

ISO 9001:2015 Registered

List of Credentials

Jroberts Mfg. Inc. has been very successful since its inception. The following is a list of credentials and accolades that we are particularly proud of.

ISO 9001 2015:

This certification shows that Jroberts Mfg. Inc. is dedicated to efficient and effective procedures that cover all aspects of their business as well as keeping proper records of all processes within the manufacturing schedule. With ISO 9001 2015 we are capable of finding defects fast and correcting them even faster when necessary. And the constant reviewing of processes for quality and effectiveness allows our company to continually improve.

Controlled Goods Program:

Since September 11, 2001 there has been a drastic increase in military security around the world. The Canadian answer to this is the Controlled Goods Program (or CGP). As a certified CGP manufacturer Jroberts Mfg. Inc. is in the unique and prosperous position to deal with materials and projects of a militaristic nature. This allows Jroberts to be on the forefront of military technology while proudly aiding in Canada’s national defense.