Jroberts Manufacturing Inc. – Privacy Policy Statement

Information we collect:
We are able to find out the following general information about you just by you visiting any of the pages listed in this domain (jrobertsmfg.com). Such information is collected in our site logs:
1. Your IP address
2. The browser you are using
3. The time and date you visited
4. The operating system you are using (eg. Windows XP, Linux, Unix)
5. The page (if any) that you were at just before you came to the site *
6. The pages that you have visited within the site

*If you clicked a link from your web based email, or came from a page that had extra information after the basic url of the page, we do not record the full URL of the page you came from.
Such information is regarded as general information and cannot be used to identify you as an individual user. This data is collected to learn more about the kind of equipment people use to access our site, and which pages prove to be the most popular – which allows us to identify which areas of the site need updating, and to make any necessary adjustments to our pages.

We do not set or use any cookies.

Personal Information:
Individuals who supply us with any personal information online will only be contacted by us with regards to their online request. This information will not be shared with any third party nor will it be used to send individuals any unsolicited information with regards to our products or services.

Ad Servers:
We do not partner with nor have special relationships with any ad server companies.