Ontario Science Center – Machining, fabrication and assembly of the world’s largest Hydraulophone (a self-cleaning, highly expressive musical keyboard water fountain) – Centerpiece of the Teluscape, an outdoor playground in front on the Ontario Science Center.

The FUNtain hydraulophone is the centerpiece of Teluscape, an outdoor water playground in front of the Ontario Science Centre. The hydraulophone is the largest in the world and was built to showcase the power of technology fused with scientific brilliance to create art. Using water pressure and precisely shaped metal this instrument can create sounds and music by anyone as it is open to the public 24 hours a day.

The Hydraulophone is made entirely out of Type 316 Stainless Steel. The material and labor were proudly provided to the Ontario Science Centre for this instrument by Jroberts Mfg. Inc. Our facility, computational hardware, design software, and engineers were always readily available for consultation and prototyping throughout the entire creation and manufacturing process right up until we presented the finished product.

Today the Hydraulophone sits in the main courtyard of the Ontario Science Centre for anyone who desires to enjoy it. Every day children as well as adults can experiment with the instrument and discover just how amazing this new age musical and technological marvel is.